About the Paw Wash!

We decided to start Scrub A Dub Paw Wash as an easy alternative to bathing our 90lb Olde English Bulldogge "Tinkerbell" 

Trying to lift Tinkerbell into our family bathtub by myself was a back breaking experience. Getting soaking wet, dealing with the mess and hair everywhere. Scrubbing down the entire bathroom when finished was most definitely my most hated part as well as a wet slippery dog now running through my house, yikes! there has to be an easier way.....

As a family we started looking for alternatives as our house looking and smelling like a wet dog nightmare was no longer an option and winter home bathing was even tougher. We tried a few other self serve pet washes but always found something just not right... wide open area with many distractions, no ramps or stairs (no better than home) non speed variant dryers, low quality products.  

At Scrub A Dub Paw Wash we take great pride in the research that we have put into making the paw wash extremely safe, affordable and easy.

We use quality grooming products and equipment with lots of choices and variations in products available depending on the needs of your pet. Come bond with your pet while bathing in your very own private room and let us do all the clean up.

Don't want to bathe your own dog? don't!

Set up an appointment for a full service grooming with us :)


Jennifer Walsh


Owner & Groomer

Dog groomer and a life long animal lover, Jenn has plenty of years of animal handling experience as a former kennel attendant and OSPCA cruelty agent out of the Kingston Humane Society. The safety and comfort of your pet is at our utmost importance.

Jenn can be booked by appointment for full service grooming appointments.

Canine First aid certified

Fear free certified